Email Update List

If you'd like to be kept informed about our work in Afghanistan just click here to send me an email. If you want to sign up an email address other than the one you're writing from, be sure to include that email address in the body of the message. You should receive a confirmation from me within 48 hours.

I try to keep the website up to date and will typically only send emails to the list when there is something newsworthy to announce or when we're actually in Afghanistan. I assure you -- I will NOT bury you with emails. And I will never rent or share your email address with anyone.

The list is professionally managed by and you can remove your address at any time quickly and easily by clicking the LEAVE MAILING LIST link at the bottom of every email I send.

Thanks for your interest!

Bob Tunnell

PS. This email update mailing list is only for teams I'm personally traveling with. Information from other teams is available here.


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